Some teen sewing

I have made up a couple of quick sews for my teenage daughter over the past few months.  Mostly from leftovers, without using a pattern.  I have rather enjoyed the quick gratification of these projects...and really, I don't want to spend a lot of time sewing for a fussy teenager who may never wear the garments.

First up, a skirt made from a couple of rectangles and given a curved hem.  I have used wide elastic in the waistband.  The front is narrower than the back.  I saw something similar online.  Sadly, my daughter is going through a no-skirt phase, so this has not actually been worn yet, but I still have hopes that it will.

Next up is a top made from leftovers from my wrap dress.  The proportions were dictated by the sizes of my scraps.  I used a little bit of entre-deux to join two pieces together at the top and sewed some yellow pom-pom trim over an over-locked edge to make quick work of the hem.  She loves this and has been wearing it several times a week since it was made.  Pretty good for a freebie.

I traced off a pattern for some beach shorts of her cousin's to make these rayon shorts.  There is elastic in the back waistband only.  I copied the RTW shorts in finishing the hems with a rolled hem on the over-locker.  The fabric is leftover from a kimono that my daughter made herself, so these were another freebie.

 And finally, I raided my stash for cotton voile to make her a new nightie.  I didn't have enough of any one fabric, so had to use two different fabrics.  This was to replace a nightie that I made when she was about 3 years old and has been getting progressively shorter over the last 10 years!!!  Finally, the fabric was so threadbare that the holes were indecent, and I threw it out. The pattern is from the Japanese "Girly Style Wardrobe".

Here is the original.  See all the holes ripped in the bodice.  She was upset that I threw it out, but has started wearing the replacement.  Which is good news, as she never wore the previous replacement made from a cute quilting cotton, because it was not soft enough for her.


Stylearc Rae Tunic

The Stylearc Rae Tunic was the monthly freebie when I bought their culotte pattern for my jumpsuit.  It is a simple style, although working with silk crepe de chine slowed me down a little bit.  This rose jungle print is still available from Tessuti.  

Both the print and the tunic style are a bit of a departure from my usual, so I am having a little trouble with styling.  First time, I wore it out over white jeans, and today I have tucked the front into green shorts, but I feel that neither of these really enhances the funky print.  I'll keep working on it over summer.


Another Tessuti Colette Top

Another Tessuti Colette Top, unironed, but still perfect for a day at the beach.  The fabric is a cotton from The Fabric Store.


Fad Sewing

Whilst I do love my fabric stash, there are some fabrics that need to be sewn up whilst they are still fashionable.  I think that this print is one of those fabrics.  I decided that I may as well go the whole hog and sew up a fashionable garment at the same time, that being a strapless jumpsuit.

I have very little sewing time at the moment, but I had thought that this would be a fun fabric to wear to some event in the festive season...time running out and all that, I whipped this outfit up on the day of the school Christmas concert.  Nothing like a self-imposed deadline to encourage bodgy sewing! I'm pretty proud that I got it to a wearable state in a day though.  I may return to it and adjust the fit a little though.

This pattern is a mash up of a self-drafted strapless bodice and the Style Arc Erin Culottes.  When I bought this pattern, I knew that I was going to attach it to a strapless bodice, so I really should have bought a size down.  I didn't though.  I just cut-out my regular size and took the side seams in a whole heap.  This worked out okay, because I also extended the top of the culottes by the width of the waistband, in order to eliminate the waistband, and the pocket opening ended up big enough that the pockets were still functional when I took in the side seams.

The fabric is a stretch sateen (from Tessuti), which had me pondering the best way to go about the strapless bodice.  I decided not to line the bodice, because it is difficult to find fabrics with the same stretch and I didn't want the fabric bagging out because it was lined with a non-stretch fabric.  So the bodice just has a facing.  I didn't know how much to take in the bodice to accommodate the stretch and not put too much pressure on the fabric.  In the end, I just took the side seams in until it felt comfortable, but I may need to take the side seams in a smidge more.

I find rigalene boning uncomfortable, so I have kept the boning to a minimum, that being the front princess seams.  I would like to try spiral boning one day, thinking that it might be more comfortable, but that day has not eventuated yet.  In the meantime, I am relying on a waist stay to keep this garment up.

Overall, I'm not sure that the garment works, but I got plenty of compliments at the concert, so perhaps the fabric makes up for the pattern sins.


Mod Style Shift

This next iteration of my shift dress is self drafted, but is heavily inspired by OOP Vogue 7899.  I pretty much took the pocket from this pattern.  I bought this pattern when it was released in 2004 and have been meaning to make up a version with this pocket pretty much ever since.  The slight differences between the rest of the pattern and my draft is that my dress has a French bust dart and narrower shoulders, and no hem band.

The main fabric is a Nani Iro canvas that I bought from Tessuti.  I thought it would be a good weight for a shift dress, but it is possibly a little stiff, which shows up some very minor fitting issues that would not be seen in a different fabric.  The contrast bands are a quilting cotton.  I liked the colour combo on my sewing table, but am not so sure about it now that I am wearing it.

There was madness in our house this morning, and when I told the kids that I still had to get dressed before we could leave, they groaned....and then they were pleasantly surprised when I skipped down the stairs just 30 seconds later in this dress.  It certainly is easy to wear and quick to put on!.